The Good Enough Test

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The Good Enough Test

People like to settle. They get comfortable. Complacent. Follow Status Quo. Which quickly turns into creating more of the same, average, boring marketing efforts that your competition creates because it’s easy and everybody is going it. We deal with frustrations, ultimately becoming blind to them. BUT who want’s to be boring? It doesn’t stand out. It’s average. And it’s defined by a little thing called “good enough”.

In reality, Good enough is devastating. Good Enough focuses us on the past and the present and never about tomorrow. While it worked yesterday and may be working today, tomorrow it will be less effective.

Hundred Rubys works with clients to move them out of their comfort zones beyond any Good Enough litmus test and challenge what they think is good, versus what their ideal target marketing knows is good. In short, who cares what you think – it’s important to create something so compelling that while it might be foreign to a business owner, the target market finds it interesting and simply must call you. One thing we know for our clients and for our own company is change is constant and we must embrace that fully. Moreover, what is good enough for today, will be unacceptable tomorrow.

Going beyond Good Enough provides a competitive advantage for you! It presents huge opportunity for us to disrupt the thinking of our competitor’s customers. This gets them to realize that there are other options to consider when seeking services and, ooh look here, YOUR company is offering something new and exciting to check out.

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Good enough is horribly devastating! Don’t settle for good enough, and please don’t let your target market settle for good enough either. Contact Hundred Rubys if you’re tired of being bored and want to add excitement and interest to your business.