How Hundred Rubys Works With Clients

Hundred Rubys Small Business Digital Marketing

How Hundred Rubys Works With Clients

Business owners must work on their craft while running a business. With a plethora of marketing vehicles available to small business owners, it’ is difficult to know what to pursue, if it’s working, how it’s working, and who will be doing the work.

Hundred Rubys gets contacted by businesses that have gone through the ringer and have a host of issues ranging from good performance, design challenges, unmet expectations, undefined goals, social media marketing that’s gone stale, and more. With a desire to grow but an untapped resource to lead that charge, our clients come to us ready to rock…but more than confused than ever. We get it, it’s confusing. Let’s review the process of untangling the marketing world and laying a foundation that is strategic, measurable, and thoughtful.

How Hundred Rubys Works With Small Businesses


We  have to evaluate your current efforts and determine what is working, what is broken, and align the gaps with the client’s overarching marketing goals.


Based on the evaluation, we’ll put together a proposal that is uniquely tailored for your goals and business to get you ahead in 2017. Think of this like a menu. Choose how to work with us and take our recommendations as “high priority” whether your internal team rocks them out or you have us tackle them one by one. We’ll set you up for success and you’ll have a clear plan to meet your goals. We want you to succeed.


We don’t advocate running any kind of project or campaign without a requisite level of tracking. Coming from an agency background, I can state with certainty, our tracking far exceeds that of any agency in our past. Why is tracking so important? Because you should know, for example, a $1000 expense on social media is producing the right result for your company. Then you will continue to spend that money in a way that meets your goals. Hundred Rubys has the ability to track a variety of data points that together tells the story of your digital marketing presence.

Tracking points of interest to our clients:
  • Organic rankings for various keyword phrases
  • Website traffic sessions
  • Website users
  • More people viewing your website from a particular geography
  • More views on mobile, tablet, desktop
  • Calls to the business with recordings
  • Backlinks
  • How you rank relative to your direct competition
  • Social media clicks, impressions, and overall engagement
  • Demographics of those who use your website and social media
  • Google Adwords ad groups, money spent on business practice areas, click-through rates, calls, conversions, follow through traffic to the website
  • Facebook advertising and calls/clicks to the website and follow through
  • Lots more!


Project Execution

The foundation elements are done first to lay the strategic marketing and tracking tools in place. Often this is a new website that is built for mobile and desktop (responsive design!), coupled with a revamp in social media design, logos, and all marketing efforts that tell your story. After the foundation elements are done, we then collect data, overlay your goals, set up a variety of reporting tools, and then pick marketing programs that will allow you to meet your goals. Marketing efforts may include content to tell google you are the expert in certain areas (divorce attorney, hair salon, plastic surgeon, photographer, etc). Social media is added to promote your new brand, reviews, services, specials, interesting news. A third level of marketing can be added which may include paid advertising and email marketing.

Foundation Marketing Projects (stage 1)


Secondary Marketing Projects (stage 2-3)


Project Evaluation and Monthly Agreement

Hundred Rubys works on projects for clients with the goal in mind we are building a partnership. We will set you up for success, provide recommendations that are designed to meet your goals, and then execute the foundational elements, followed by the secondary and tertiary programs that together tell your story in an interesting way. You can see that an ongoing relationship with objective evaluation and communication is needed to keep it going – that’s why people work with us to lead the charge so you can focus on your day job. We’ll have bi-monthly calls and talk about successes and areas of improvement and then build a plan for the following month. Each conversation is purposeful and furthers your goals. And you can trust that it will be done right.

Contact Hundred Rubys

Contact Hundred Rubys if you run a business and need to get your marketing efforts back on track. Share info on your goals, let’s talk about them, and see if we are good partners. If there is potential, we will send you a proposal chock full of our recommendations for your business and we can pick how we’ll work together in a thoughtful way. Sound good? Call us – 415-697-8310.