Why SEO Should Be A Critical Part of Your Marketing Plan

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Why SEO Should Be A Critical Part of Your Marketing Plan

Digital marketing is a massive field and SEO should be a top priority for any business in 2017 as a means to drive traffic to a website. While one could pursue paid advertising, SEO is a tactic that will position you better in the long run.

Here are seven reasons why SEO quickly becomes an important strategic digital marketing consideration in 2017.

1. SEO provides virtually FREE long-term benefits

In contrast to paid advertising, SEO is a strategy that helps you show up in organic results. You make the investment with a good digital marketing company and continually evolve each month and build your platform creating signals and engagement that tells Google you’re the expert. Because you are working on your business every month, every week, every day and trying new things to increase your presence, Google will see the signals you create and reward you, over time, with rankings on those related topics. Paid advertising keeps you at the top, well technically above, organic rankings because you are paying for them. Once you stop paying, your presence stops. Organic SEO efforts don’t stop, they evolve.

2. SEO is a long-term strategy

Earning better rankings IMMEDIATELY has never happened to anyone who has made SEO a true competitive advantage in their startup, in their company’s marketing channels. It’s just not how it works. SEO is a long-term marketing strategy with defined benefits to a company who makes that investment.

3. Google can’t just “figure it out.”

Google is a constantly evolving machine with thousands of variables in play at any given time. Given that the rules change in the interest of being better doesn’t mean your site will continue to rank well if you, too, don’t make changes to make your site and digital presence better. You, too, must evolve.

4. Length of Time to Execute SEO vs. Paid Programs

You can easily choose to spend money on paid advertising, but the reality is it’s a short-term game. Once you stop paying, your leads will dry up. Investing money in SEO is a far better plan as it’s a long-term game and can work in conjunction with a paid program over a period of 6-12 months.

5. Search is Growing

A high percentage of your users go online to find information about a product or service BEFORE knowing you exist. Given that Google is giving priority to mobile search in 2017, this number will continue to increase as its fast, easy, and convenient to search from a phone or tablet anytime, anywhere. What this means is that, without organic SEO in place, potential customers will have a difficult time finding you and instead find your competitors.

6. Search is Here to Stay

Based on the way search engines are advancing in 2017, it is unlikely that SEO will cease to be effective anytime soon. In fact, other forms of digital marketing such as video marketing are dependent on specific keywords for them to rank on organic searches. These other search mechanisms highlight continuous progress in the use SEO techniques even in non-text based content.

7. SEO provides more traffic than any source

Once you have implemented a solid SEO strategy in your website and digital marketing, you can expect residual traffic on your website – just hire us to handle it on your behalf. We’ll research your area, the target market, rewrite your content, talk about your goals, and build a technical and branding plan that will allow both of us to be successful. For our clients, we see the data in Google Analytics, and when we start a project, your users derived from organic search might be 15%, within one year, you might be at 35%, and that continues to go up. The result is that each time a prospective customer searches for a product or service within your industry or niche, you get a qualified lead, and you get more leads year on year.

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Building an SEO plan and attaining organic rankings is undoubtedly a complex process and ignoring it won’t make it easier. The sooner you invest in this process, the sooner you will start claiming more opportunities and a positive return on investment. Please contact Hundred Rubys to discuss your needs, and we can identify strategic opportunities for you to perform better.