Responsive Website Design

We build simple, comfortable websites that are designed to engage and inspire.

Did you know 60-70% of your traffic comes from a phone or tablet?

Your website is the first touch point a client has with you – even before a phone call or email. And Website design in 2016 is about big imagery, large fonts, and a really great layout that is so easy to read and understand from mobile phones and tablets. That is best accomplished with a responsive website design which reformats itself based on the device (phone or tablet) from which it is being viewed. Awesome, right?!

Our Approach to Responsive Website Design


We hear the following statement all the time – “My website is fine, why should I update it?” Fine? Do you really want to measure your company with the “it’s fine” litmus test? While a website appears to just be images and words on a screen, your website is the first thing people see and the reason why they either a) run far far away, or b) mentally continue to keep you in the running. Like great strategic marketing, a good website appears simple, but is conveying sophisticated thoughts and notions about your business that gives a consumer 2 seconds to subconsciously think – “yeah I might call them”.

Think of it this way – your website is the hub of your entire digital marketing presence and the foundation upon which all other marketing activities reside. Working with Hundred Rubys means that your digital presence starts with your website but your longer term strategy utilizes the website as a tool to long term growth and a great reputation.

Functional, Cool, Sophisticated, Yet Simple


We take great pride in creating stunning websites your clients and customers will love! And we only recommend you build your site using WordPress. WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS for good reason. It’s intuitive, powerful, customizable, and provides a great platform for SEO.

But it’s not just about the looks, your site will be easy to navigate for your users; be set up with proper SEO foundation (ongoing SEO recommendations available via our SEO plan); and include a bevy of technical gadgets including contact forms, CTAs, email signup, social sharing, banners, lots of white space, and more.

All of the designs we create are responsive and follow the latest design principles so that you know you have a site that will carry you into 2016 and beyond.

Give us a call and tell us about you. We’d be happy to discuss where you are where you’d like to go and put together a few recommendations.

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“My website is sooooo much better than any of those other players. Once people see my site and what we created, there really isn’t any reason for them to call someone else. It’s just awesome.”

– Client Testimonial