Let’s pick a few social media platforms that are proven to generate exposure, create engagement, and help you rank higher in search results.

Social media is a great way to reach your target market in a way they prefer to communicate with you. But social media isn’t just fluff – there is real brand value and major SEO points to be had which in turn increase your authority and search engine rankings with Google. The biggest benefit of Social Media Marketing is that it allows you to communicate directly with your potential customers. Think about it – it’s really smart business.

Hundred Rubys Social Media Marketing Program


Work with Hundred Rubys to create a social media marketing strategy that will inspire, engage, and put you in the minds of your clients and customers. It’s not about pushing info on them, it’s about sharing with the world and building trust and loyalty.

  • We will learn more about you and what you are trying to accomplish and put together a plan that will enable success
  • Regularly scheduled meetings to review performance and make recommendations
  • Platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, Linked In
  • Advertising: Facebook Advertising and Twitter sponsored posts
  • Social media design
  • Engaging and creative content set up on an editorial calendar and works in conjunction with your blogging schedule, new page content, what’s new in your practice, and more
  • Goals might be promoting a contest, email newsletter signups, an upcoming event, specials, creating exposure, building a loyal fan base
  • 30% pushing content about you, 30% commenting on other people’s posts, 40% posting and commenting about fun nonsense that gets shared and liked