Did you know Google updates factors that impact your search engine ranking hundreds of times every year? Yes hundreds. That’s several times a day. Some are small changes, others are game changers.

Powerful Search Engine Optimization

People have to know you exist in order to choose to do business with you. Search engine marketing is a strategy centered around people finding you by simply searching for business like yours on their phones, tablets, and computers. And SEO is the process of getting content that is about you and your business to show up as high as possible in search engine non-paid results.

As long as there’s Google, SEO will remain an important part of any digital marketing program.


Hundred Rubys has worked on hundreds of accounts and on average, 92-96% of client website traffic is done via using Google. As such, we focus on Google – because they rule the world. Here’s the catch – Google doesn’t tell you the formula that determines how you show up in search engine results. In fact, they change that about 800 times every year. Yep, that’s a real statistic. That’s why you hire Hundred Rubys – we do the research and stay abreast on changes and then report recommendations back to you. With a constantly evolving target, it is critical that you have a well rounded SEO program that not only gets you ranked, but gets you ranked high enough that the vast majority of consumers will find you and take action to connect. SEO is a game  – and we play the game well.

SEO Signals – Create A Quality, Consistent Experience that Inspires and Engages


The art of SEO is in the strategy behind the evaluation, tracking, implementation, and ongoing research. There are literally hundreds of elements that impact your ranking in search results. In short, Google wants to be right. People rely on Google to do a search and get relevant, current content that is exactly what they searched for. It could be a page, blog, twitter, google +, links to guest blogs, or any other “seo signal” that is created and indexed by google. The strategy that we implement is to create as many quality SEO signals as possible which when combined, tell google that you are an authority, you create awesome expert content, and Google should give you higher ranking in search results. Which allows you to be found by prospective customers.

By reverse engineering best SEO practices and applying the information to your website in a thoughtful strategic fashion, you will establish a good foundation for your SEO success AND positive user experience.

Hundred Rubys SEO Program – A Strategic Approach To Marketing


A variety of factors impact your ranking. With over 800 updates to Google’s algorithm each year, search engine optimization is actually moving target. This impact is compounded as Google doesn’t tell you the factors that impact rankings nor which updates are made that might increase / decrease your position in search results. In order to make smart SEO recommendations, Hundred Rubys will follow best practices, set up the proper tracking tools, launch an enhanced research campaign, do a complete site audit of your website and position, and then, we formulate a game plan that is uniquely tailored for your business. The end goal is to tell Google that you are the expert for certain words and phrases, which in turn increases your “authority” in that area, and consequently you earn rankings in search results. And that results in leads for your business.

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Highlights of the Hundred Rubys Search Engine Optimization and Recommendations Program

Several years ago, optimizing content for the purposes of being found in search was the focus for most digital marketers with top rankings for keywords being the fundamental goal. As Google evolves, this goal is becoming more important, and yet more challenging to attain. #1 rankings are now just a piece of the puzzle and not the sole driver behind marrying the right content, with the right audience, in the right stage of the buying cycle, and have that collectively translate as qualified leads or prospects for your business. While not the only tactic employed by digital marketing experts today, SEO is one of many tactics in a marketer’s arsenal to ensure their content is found by the right people and should cover far more than keywords.

  • Monthly SEO Maintenance Agreement + Recommendations
  • Weekly / monthly calls to review SEO and your account and propose recommendations for improvement
  • Search engine positioning ranking reports emailed to you
  • Keyword strategy review and alterations
  • Competitive evaluation and ranking reports for competition in your market
  • Recommendations on fresh, relevant content to add and solidify your “expert” status with google
  • Recommendations on updating stale or out-of-date content
  • Collect positive reviews in an organic fashion to build authority and engagement
  • Monitoring of new dead end pages (404) and put in proper redirects to new content
  • Google Analytics site performance analysis
  • Google Webmaster Tools setup and evaluation
  • Review of indexed pages
  • Content curation recommendations
  • Site speed tests and recommendations for improvement
  • Content readability testing
  • Making sure your site is mobile friendly based on the device from which it is being viewed (phone, tablet, computer, etc)
  • Prevent / remove spam comments
  • Metadata review: keywords, H1-H6 tags, location extensions, schema
  • Ideas on how to be an authority, expert, and exceptionally trustworthy in your industry
  • Your website does not need to include all of the latest bells and whistles, but should be clean and unctional. Make it easy for users to find the information that they’re looking for.

Clients that work with Hundred Rubys know we are reviewing every possible factor that could impact ranking results and constantly updating your website so you have the best chance of showing up when people are looking for you. Our white-hat tactics are based on best practices with the goal to increase visibility in search engines and boost your rankings while setting up the foundation for other marketing efforts such as website design, content development, social marketing and more.

The main benefit of SEO is that you can attract free traffic and free customers to your business on an ongoing basis.

Auditing Your Website with 2016 SEO Standards In Mind

Hundred Rubys SEO Audit

Hundred Rubys is happy to perform an evaluation of your website and tell you where you are performing well, and identifying a few reasons why you are not performing as well as you hope. There are always reasons why a prospective client is missing the mark and often times it is something that is considered “high-priority”, as in you need to change this today whether you work with us or not.


The Hundred Rubys evaluations go well beyond basic keyword analysis in hopes of show you the budding strategy we’d take on our journey toward your world domination. Let’s take this first step, create a proposal, and then formulate a game plan that is uniquely tailored for your business.

  • Competitive profiling
  • Analysis of reviews
  • Review of content for freshness and relevance
  • Proper levels of content or identification of thin content
  • Technical evaluation including meta data
  • Analysis of your sitemap.xml and robots.txt
  • User friendliness
  • Page Titles
  • Meta data
  • UX
  • Page Speed
  • H-Tags
  • Links
  • Keyword Performance
  • Social Marketing
  • Branding
  • Page load time
  • Lead capture review
  • Social engagement
  • And More

The old SEO way is about simple keywords and what is now black hat marketing by jamming key phrases into your content without respect to readability and the quality of the content in general. The new SEO is about looking at all your channels including Branding, Social Media, Website Design, User Interface, Education, Speed, Content Recommendations, Engagement, Amplification, PR and more. Both On and Off Site signals are now the factors that impact your SEO.

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Clients can give their money to anyone – there must be a reason to choose your company. You’ve got a shot to earn that by being helpful and available. Taking that 10 steps further and articulate your unique value relative to the perceived pain points is the fastest way to demonstrate knowledge and give prospective clients a reason to shut the front door and choose to give their money to you. They don’t need to continue to “shop around” – they’ve just found the A-Team.

Working with Hundred Rubys is your secret weapon. We define your value and present that via your digital presence so that there is no reason to look any further. Hey competition – game over baby.

We don’t expect you to fully digest how SEO works by reading this page. Let us show you. We are happy to do an analysis of your internet presence and put together recommendations on where you can improve your digital strategy. This will give you a sense of all the things that you are doing well, things you didn’t know you needed to do, and give you an idea of what our SEO clients experience on a monthly basis.