Fresh, relevant content is needed to tell Google you are the expert which gives you higher placement in search engine results.

Who would ever want to be average? Average is boring, benign, blah. Given that customers are inundated with competitors, why would they want to work with a company that oozes blah? Make a great impression and odds go up they will call you. Carefully crafting your identify, brand, and digital presence is a way to demonstrate that you are special, do amazing things for your clients, and you create a beautiful experience that earns referrals and repeat business.


Content is at the heart of the Hundred Rubys marketing strategy. We carefully evaluate, analyze, and craft new content that is an easy read and full of digital marketing mojo. From blogging and web text, to social media and special announcements, we create signals that tell search engines you are the expert. Let Hundred Rubys help you to exceed average and be unmistakable.

Content Writing For SEO + Brand Awareness


Creating content is a way to engage with audiences, add personality, educate, inspire, and solve a variety of problems. You can build trust in your products and services as well as generate buzz around what’s new in your business. You don’t need to constantly pitch ideas, you can instead educate your clients and earn their respect.

Content Marketing is a bigger concept that incorporates a lot of various content channels. It’s not about paid advertising, rather enhancing content that is found in organic results and positions you as an expert in your field. The more relevant content that Google indexes, the greater the opportunity to be found by potential customers.

Per SEO best practices, fresh, relevant content is needed to tell Google you are the expert. You post content, they “grade” it, and then decide in what position to show your page in search results.  Equally as important to a healthy organic ranking is  what is said and done without the use of words. Colors, graphics, imagery, and layout are all considered important components to creating a strong content strategy and our experts will make recommendations on what needs to be done to get the highest “authority” possible.

“I really enjoy the attention my business receives through good communication, updates every other week, and presentation of marketing ideas that I would have never thought of.”

– Client Testimonial

Custom Created Content With Purpose

We create a variety of content that are all uniquely written with the strategic goals of our clients in mind.

  • New website page text
  • New page content for services, new staff members, specials, events and more
  • Educational blog posts that instill you as an expert
  • Fun blog posts that add personality to your business and are very shareable
  • Google Local blog posts – very heavily indexed by Google and the biggest ranking factor in 2016
  • Business descriptions
  • Local directory listings
  • Social media


With hundreds of channels available to you, work with us to pick the right content for the right vehicles and drive your message straight to the target market when they are searching online.