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Strategic Marketing

Trust that you are working with true marketing experts with sage advice.

So you’ve created a website, opened your business, made a few calls, have a couple of clients, set up your Facebook page, and wonder why people aren’t beating down your front door. Super frustrating, we know.


Hundred Rubys is first and foremost a business strategy agency with roots in the crazy San Francisco startup world.  Each project is different, and each client has different needs. That’s why you would choose to work a marketing consultant that has a massive amount of experience backed by a proven track record. Understanding the bigger picture is key to making great recommendations reinforced by the ability to track and document success. We don’t work on “feelings”, we create the work based on data, and produce results you can measure.

Boutique Marketing: Not Your Average Digital Agency


Hundred Rubys is a boutique marketing firm steeped in strategy and custom marketing solutions. Yes we create amazing responsive websites, but we are not defined as a website company. We write our little hearts out, but we are not established authors. We fully optimize your website so that you are on the first page of search results, but we are not an SEO company. And we run social media campaigns with engaging content, but we are not a social media company.

What we do is more than each of these activities. We are trained strategists who work to understand your business, evaluate your current position, find ways to create improvement, and use right right tools and programs to advance the goals. Hundred Rubys understands first the bigger picture and then creates uniquely tailored programs that allow you to be even more successful than you already are. And that’s boutique strategy. Smaller teams, niche expertise, big results.

Educated Recommendations Designed To Help You Succeed


Knowing what’s working and what’s not requires a complete audit of your digital marketing presence. Marketing Strategy is about performing a deep tactical evaluation of your company and truly understanding where there’s room for improvement. Evaluations always result with a clear idea of where you’re missing the very basics – which have a trickle down impact on all ancillary marketing activities.


Yes trends fluctuate and things go in and out of vogue. We understand you are simply too busy to stay current on trends and know how improve your digital footprint. That’s why you should hire us to consult and coach you on what’s new, updates you need to make, learn how you compare to your competition, and we’ll of course introduce a few new ideas that you didn’t know were possible.

“Hundred Rubys understands first the bigger picture and then creates uniquely tailored programs that allow you to be even more successful than you already are. And that’s boutique strategy.”

Action Packed Reporting and Analytics


Plus we set up a bevy of analytics and reporting tools right when you sign on with us so that we can properly evaluate what you are doing and where exactly we need to improve.  You’ll receive a great deal of recommendations along with a cost estimate for the immediate timeframe, as well as on going future expenses so you can budget properly and meet those fancy objectives. We don’t fly blind – everything we do is centered around strategy and analytics.


Get ready for a stream of ideas and a pipeline of leads – we love pitching!

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