Branding is more than your website or logo. It’s who you are and how you do it.

What a Brand Really Is

Your brand is more than a logo or mission statement. It is the identity you show and messages you share in order to connect with your target market on the way to world domination.

Separates what you from your competition

Tells people why they should care about what you do

Shows prospects the unique value you offer

Think about how you are different from your competition and why anyone should care about you and give you a call to earn their business.


A positive company and product identity enhances your sales and your entire marketing communications plan.

Elements of Great Branding


Do you know how people find your business? You’re probably thinking referrals from clients or even repeat business. Wrong by omission, my friend. An average of 70% of traffic from websites Hundred Rubys runs finds you through internet search, specifically on Google. How can this be? Even if you earn a great deal of clients via referral, smart consumers with a phone, tablet, or computer are using google to look up your website and reviews, and silently judging if you are worthy of a call. Great if you get repeat business, but also create a solid digital presence for the best chance of long term success.

A good digital presence keeps you in the running. An outdated website, lame pictures, or confusing jibber jabber is a reason for clients to try something new or (shut your mouth!) go to your competitor.

When creating your company identity design we include all the ideas, aspects, methods, and techniques that your brand needs to be identifiable.

  • Voice and tone of your “pitch”
  • Logo
  • Business Card Design
  • Tagline
  • Stationary
  • Marketing materials
  • Signage

Working with Hundred Rubys means we strategically highlight your unique value and craft a new brand that you will own. From your name and logo, to your website and tone of content, work with Hundred Rubys to help define who you are so that you can be chosen by your future loyal fans.