You can count on Hundred Rubys to know industry trends, marketing best practices, and proactively make recommendations designed to fuel your your success. Every recommendation is tailored for your business, and every success is defined by metrics.


Hundred Rubys is first and foremost a boutique digital marketing firm that is knee deep in strategy. All projects start with a thorough evaluation and then we choose the tactics that will create the most favorable results. But you can't hire us just for marketing strategy - we are trained strategists and incorporate strategy with every program and every client.


Sophisticated, feature-rich responsive design that inspires oohs and awws, commands attention, and builds confidence. Given that your website is the digital hub for your business, your website needs to be the rock solid foundation that enables success and tracking for all other programs. It will appear simple and easy to navigate but you’ll see that every layout concept, content piece, and pixel is carefully thought out.


SEO in 2016 is about carefully crafted content that reads well but also creates signals that collectively tell Google that you are the expert in your area - and therefore Google should rank you higher in search results. SEO is a system that needs careful monitoring, evaluation, and reporting to know what refinements will create results.

Definition of Strategic Marketing

“Understanding who you think you are, who you actually are, signals you put into the universe, knowing your competition better than they know themselves, and putting it all together by carefully delivering why anyone should give a &$%@ about you.”


Fresh, relevant content is needed to tell Google you are the expert. Content is critical for SEO and takes the form of updates to pages, blogs, social media, press releases, and other mediums that together create the signals that tells humans and bots you are the subject matter expert.


Let’s build a robust program that drives traffic, creates brand awareness, and allows you to be found in search results. Based on an editorial calendar, your social marketing activities are connected to your content strategy and delivering fresh, relevant content at the exact moment it is needed.


Paid Advertising is a great way to earn extra leads you’ll convert into clients. Let us build a smart paid advertising strategy together that may include Google PPC, Facebook boosted posts, Twitter sponsored tweets, and other digital advertising platforms relevant to your target market.


Your brand is more than a logo or mission statement. We strategically highlight your unique value and create a “look” or brand that shows the world what you are about, services you offer, in a way that is consistent in your website, social media, text on pages, graphics, imagery, and other marketing activities.


Work with us to manage your next project so that you can focus on what matters – your actual job. Hundred Rubys understands the bigger picture and we love working with your consultants, internal teams, and other experts on your behalf. Projects get done on time and on budget. Without any new grey hair.