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  • The State of Paid Advertising | Hundred Rubys Digital Marketing

The State of Paid Advertising

July 6th, 2019|

You get what you pay for, especially when it comes to paid advertising. That’s why Hundred Rubys offers a wide range of options to fit every business size and goals. We’ll work with you to customize an ideal paid

  • Welcome To Our New Website | Hundred Rubys Digital Marketing

Hundred Rubys New Website – It’s A Go!

June 14th, 2019|

Welcome to the new Hundred Rubys website! We’re the same great company, only sporting a brand new look—and we’re still not like other agencies. If you’re a current client, you can continue enjoying all the perks of a boutique

  • Characteristics Of Our Top Performing Partnerships | Hundred Rubys

Characteristics Of Our Top Performing Partnerships

April 1st, 2019|

All businesses are at a unique stage in their journey, even you. Maybe you’ve DIY'd your marketing efforts in the past, or maybe you’re trying to get out of a "big agency" relationship that isn't creating the results you

  • The Evolving Case Of Google Search Results | Hundred Rubys Marketing

The Evolving Case Of Google Search Results

January 1st, 2019|

Google is the overwhelmingly dominant search engine and for nearly all websites, it feeds 92% - 96% of all website traffic. With such a large market share captured, it’s easy to understand why Google wants to display the most

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This has truly been such a relief of fresh air as so many larger companies felt as if they already had all the answers. Well, I can tell you first hand that is NOT the case. If we pull our google analytics number from the last time we were with the large agency to where we are now with Hundred Rubys we are up 500% in website traffic. That is no joke. I often go back to look at those reports to see how far we have come.”

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