Trained Strategist, Distance Runner, Tennis Junkie, and All Around Nice Gal

Angela Jacquin, MBA, is a trained strategist with roots in the San Francisco startup world. She is the leader behind Hundred Rubys and the master puppeteer guiding clients down their journey from start to finish. Since 2001, she has worked in a variety of industries including financial services, insurance, retail, healthcare, and software giving her a well-rounded strategic view of results-driven marketing.


Having been on both agency and client-sides of marketing, Angela calls on her experience and appreciation for smart decision making with each project and every client.

Angela has been the leader of sales and marketing teams in big companies as well as the only member of “Team Angela”. She is scrappy, smart, a good project manager, and an efficiency machine.  Angela will happily talk with you about your business and put together recommendations for you to do it to the best of your abilities. She is very focused on results, but does like to have fun too.


Angela constantly strives to think of creative and innovative ways to promote your company online based on data, analytics, needs analysis, and branding. And with a background in strategy and business development, clients know her work is designed to increase revenue.

Angela Jacquin, MBA, Hundred Rubys Digital Marketing Consultant

You’ll love the difference in working with a boutique agency that takes the time to work with your business and present recommendations to you. Our deep tactical understanding of how digital marketing works affords us the ability to strategically create programs that work as a system. Next step – contact us and see why clients love working with Hundred Rubys.