5 Trends For Better Organic Rankings in 2017

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5 Trends For Better Organic Rankings in 2017

One of the top questions I get asked involves a giant black hole – what will search engines want in 2017? The short answer is absolutely no one knows except Google. And even then, they do not share that info. With 600+ algorithm changes per year, chances are not even google has their plans identified in 2017. Having said this, we certainly have some guidelines and can see the trends as search evolves and 2017 knocks on the door.

Organic Search Tips in 2017

1. Search Results Will Show Greater Semantic Understanding

Keyword tracking tools are set up to identify gains and misses in keywords that are important to the client, from which a monthly content marketing plan is designed. A keyword phrase in question might be Hackensack Attorney. You might get a completely different result for Lawyer in Hackensack if you are tracking that term as well. Semantically, these are the same phrase and should produce the same result in search. Now, search results show a greater understanding of the semantic relationship between the words in search queries and the content shown in results. We have seen this develop in 2016 and will expect semantic search to play an even bigger role in 2017.

2. Shorter URLs Are Better

Long URLS, chock full of keywords, are just spammy and unattractive. And Google is picking up on that. Top-ranked web pages in Google have shorter URLs, with position 1 URLs averaging 59 characters in length.

3. Shorter Page Titles Are Preferred

Similar to spammy long URLs, top ranking web pages tend to have shorter page titles, with the ideal number nearing closest to 8 words in length.

4. Keyword in Title and URL

Web pages with their target keyword in their URL tend to rank higher in Google than those that didn’t. Including your target keyword in your page title is a positive correlation and produces higher search rankings.

5. Word Count Is Increasing On Higher Ranking Pages

There is a compromise between throwing everything in a web page and giving the user enough info to know the client ought to be considered when making a buying decision. Too much content and they don’t need to call you. Too little and one doesn’t seem like an expert. A reputable agency, Searchmetrics, found that while word count is increasing, the amount of keywords is not. That means longer page content is okay but remember to not add too many keywords on that page.

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